Package 1: Holistic Care 101

This five week coaching package focuses on the whole self (body, mind and spirit). It is based on the premise that you are more than your physical body and that you are most empowered to create your life when all areas of your being receive conscious care. Includes a weekly one 1- hour coaching session, weekly supportive text messages, a 60 minute OPTIONAL massage, and a 35- day partnership that empowers you with self-care tools that supports you in obtaining and maintaining full-body health.

Investment-$580.00 w/ Reflexology 

Investment-$500.00 w/o Reflexogy

Package 2: Transitioning through change with Grace and Resilience

This five week coaching package focuses on the inevitable-CHANGE. Although change is an integral part of life; it disrupts the current status quo and the belief that longevity/tradition is better. This disruption often creates stagnation, uncertainty and a sense of loss. Includes a one 1- hour weekly coaching session, weekly supportive text messages, numerous tools to manage change and a 35- day partnership that creates space conducive for intentional actions during times of change.


Package 3: Yoga & Mindful Living as a Support & Healing System

We live in a world that is complex, fast paced, and unpredictable. Time is passing too fast and sometimes not fast enough. We spend a lot of time reminiscing about the past or planning for the future. Present moment awareness is undervalued, overlooked or unfamiliar. A lot of our actions are reactive, driven by fear, lack and an unknowing of our authentic self. This five week package is designed to disrupt this current way of existence at every level and empower you to redesign your life experience. It creates time and space for moving meditation, conscious breath work, strengthening, stretching, healing and restoration. This package includes a (1) hour weekly coaching session (2) 45 minute private yoga sessions, a journal, weekly supportive text messages, an optional body assessment and a 35- day partnership with a certified yoga and mindful living teacher.

Investment- w/o body assessment and w/o yoga $525.00

Investment- w/ body assessment $580.00

Investment-(2) yoga classes w/o body assessment $550.00

Investment- (2) yoga classes w/ body assessment-$600.00 

Package 4: Design Your Own Package

This package allows you to design your own package by addressing a specific issue (personal/professional), negative habit, strong hold or area of desired change. This five week package includes a (1) hour phone consultation to assist client in designing package, (1) hour weekly coaching sessions, weekly supportive text messages, numerous tools to identify root causes and effective ways to change behavior and a 35 day partnership of exploration, reframing and vibrational alignment. 

Single $500.00

Couples $650.00